What to Avoid While Visiting Dublin

Dublin is a lovely town that is steeped in history and literary significance, and there is tons there for the world traveler to take in and enjoy. However, there are some things you definitely do not want to do while visiting the fair city.

Expect to Stay Out Drinking All Night
Dublin has a reputation for being a drinker’s city and a great place to find an interesting pub. However, there has been an effort there to crack down on alcoholism, and that means that most bars will close down by 11:30 at night. So, if your want to continue the binge, you will have to find some friends or stock up before the bars and shops close.

Call Dubliners British
It’s a common misconception among those that don’t live in the region to think of Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom, but it is certainly not. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK, but Ireland itself hasn’t been a part of that political entity since 1922. If you make the mistake of calling an Irish person or a Dubliner a Briton, then you may find yourself laid out flat or at least yelled at.

Expect to Get into All the Famous Places
A lot of the most famous sites in Dublin are strictly off limits for tourists. One such example is the birthplace of Oscar Wilde. It’s not a tourist spot at all and instead functions as a creative writing center. Only literary students get to go into the birthplace, so be forewarned.

You should also not expect to get to see all the sites in Dublin Castle any day that you like. This is a functioning political venue, and as such, there will be days where much other castle is off limits to visitors while official business is taking place. You will likely need to schedule your visits in advance to see much of anything there, unless you are happy with a few pictures taken from the outside.

While we are on the subject of wasting your time trying in to get pictures, you should not expect easy access to the statue of Molly Malone. Like the Charging Bull on New York’s Wall Street, this statue is constantly swarmed by people trying to get pictures. You may have a tough time getting a decent picture or even getting close enough to appreciate the statue before someone jumps in front of you for a selfie.

Start the Partying Too Soon
There is an inclination many visitors to Dublin have to begin their heavy drinking and partying as soon as they get to the city. That would be a mistake, as there is plenty of to see and appreciate in the day that won’t be accessible at night. There will always be parties to attend and pubs to visit, and it would be a mistake to miss out on all the culture, architecture and beauty the city has to offer, if you treat Dublin as a party town.


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